Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Post of Gratefuls

There are so many things swirling around my head, heart and soul lately, but for some reason I've no persistence to write about them.

Truth be told I've been feeling cranky and not-so-Christmassy these days, trying to strike that sometimes elusive balance sought during the holidays. When I get this way it's time for a list of gratefuls to remind me how good things really are.

So I leave you with a list of good things manifesting in my life today, for despite the flurry of to-do's and inner conflicts that surface at this time of the year, these too have found their way to my head, heart and soul...
  • my warm and cozy home
  • a real wood fireplace
  • my computer and new printer
  • a brand new computer waiting in the wings
  • art prints sold at my hair salon
  • painting supplies
  • my health
  • family
  • friends
  • silence
  • laughter
  • Squam, how it opened my heart to possibility and changed my world
  • Squamettes and creative community
  • pizza for dinner tonight
  • the month of December off
  • scoring another $43.75 at the consignment shop for items sold (in addition to $80 collected last month)
  • items slowly getting crossed off my 36 Things list
  • a fridge full of food
  • gifts under the Christmas tree
  • my little Honda Civic
  • snowflakes dancing or floating softly from the sky
  • a new whiteboard and colourful markers for my home office
  • morning pages
  • my Urban Living Experiment
  • last year's Solstice Reflections experiment
  • the upcoming new year and opportunities it may hold
  • my books
  • my library
  • classic movies and documentaries
  • nuthatches and chickadees outside my window
  • sunshine and blue skies
  • dreams and hopes and plans
  • inspiring blogs
  • my little point & shoot camera
  • a new really really warm hat for Ottawa winters
  • sparkly holiday lights lining the streets on an evening walk
  • good coffee
  • D. and Cassie
  • and the list could go on...
Indeed I am lucky and blessed. What are you grateful for today?


  1. Steph - by chance are you takin them to Act II in Barrhaven? My aunt owns the store! And we're gonna be there Sat cause there is a 1/2 price sale.

    Love your list..

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    I bring my stuff to a shop call Treasures Anew, on Richmond Road; it's for household items and a few hats/scarves (vs. all clothing). I didn't know there was an Act II in Barrhaven.

    Hope you found some good deals!

    Steph :)