Monday, May 31, 2010

Photography Month @ CLE Comes to a Close

Would someone please tell me where the month of May went? Seriously?

My Photography Month experiment is now at an end. Although I missed out on some of the things I wanted to do, I still consider it a success. Why?

Because it prompted me to pick up my camera. Even better, it helped me redevelop a lost reflex to reach for the camera and play. Just play.

I illustrated my posts here with images.

I googled a bit and found sites with tips for using point and shoot cameras (see here and here) and photography quotes accompanied by great landscapes (here).

I searched the house far and wide for my user manual to see how I could play with my manual settings. Unfortunately that's as far as I got 'cause I couldn't find it. (I was sure I saw it after the move.) But I was ready to play - and learn!

I reflected on photos, how they impact us and why we take them. I reflected on photography and how it's changed in the digital age from film, and even more from the age of Ansel Adams who lugged a limited number of plates up mountains to take pictures. I thought about how disposable it's become and is that a pro, a con, or either depending on the context?

All in all it was a fun experiment; I hope you enjoyed it too. And who knows, it may even seep into June if I can find that user manual. In the meantime I leave you with a few snapshots of the intoxicating peonies that grace my home these days. Till the next experiment...

happiness in a bloom

grace in a jam jar

pink explosion

center in focus


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shadow Puppet Fun

one blank cement wall + perfect sunset timing
+ silly daughters and their mom
= shadow puppet fun!

running woman

tree pose

lopsided heart


Mom & daughters peacing out

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Joys of a Trusty Point and Shoot

My name is Stephanie and I own a point and shoot (P&S) camera. Her name is Matilda, she's a Canon PowerShot A590IS and she serves me well.


I used to post a lot more photos here on my blog. Then I began hanging out with a bunch of wonderful people who had nice (read: fancier) cameras and did all sorts of beautiful artistic things with them. So I became intimidated (self-imposed of course!) and stopped playing with my little Canon P&S. No more photos for Stephanie, or if there were photos there certainly weren't as many publicly displayed here.

Hooey. C'est fini ├ža.

Although there are things I can't do with my little Matilda that I could do with a fancier camera, there are many things
I can do:

I can play with colour, light and composition.

girly lamp

I can play with lines and shapes.
I can capture flare.

I can capture images of my favourite peeps, places or things.

D. and Cassie on Blue Mountain

I can stick it in my pocket or my purse for easy travel or access.

I can use my macro setting to take pictures of interesting details.

Hosta no 74

I can photograph my artwork.
I can illustrate a quote, a feeling or a story.

shades of grey on Bennett Lake

Plus so many things I haven't tried yet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing the fancy cameras. In fact, someday I foresee owning one and delving into more technical aspects of the craft.

But today I needed a reminder that even with a simple point and shoot I can play and experiment;
I can illustrate my emotions and stories; I can take pictures that bring me pleasure or capture the essence of something I see. And so can you.

Do you have favourite point and shoot photos? Drop me a link in the comments if you do; I'd love to see them.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I Experienced "A Vision of Squam" 2009 (or On Pushing Through Your Fears...)

A Vision of Squam 2009 promotional postcard

Liz Kalloch from Athena Dreams Design is posting wonderful write-ups from artists who submitted work to last year's Vision of Squam art show to describe their experience. A few of us were first-timers dealing with fears, insecurities and joyful courage throughout the process.

I invite you to head on over to see what
yours truly had to say...

Monday, May 17, 2010


I am basking in love and friendship from this past weekend. Sentences escape me, all I can offer you is a stream of words that come to mind to describe it:
family, friends, new baby smell, Cassie, communal party preparations, getting our groove on, merriment, smitten, disco, Imagine, emotional, party, laughter, fun, food, dancing, good times, warmth, appreciation, quiet, morning coffee, family walk, baby poopers, peace, love, celebration, home, contentment
Seriously folks, still basking.

Too busy working the room and passing out Swedish meatballs on Saturday night I've unfortunately no pictures of the '70s party for you today; I'll see if I can get a few shots from others who thankfully brought their cameras!

The weekend was much more than the party though. I leave you with a few snapshots of other favourite house-warming weekend moments...

Ashlynn and Grandma Woods

Sunday morning family walk to the beach - D. and Cassie chillin'

green leaves on blue sky


Ashlynn with Uncle D. and Auntie Steph

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Matter of Photographic Perception

"Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications,
offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution."
- Ansel Adams

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post-Move Delights

During these past few weeks in my new home I've been...

...intoxicated by the sweet scent of Lily of the Valley

...anticipating the arrival of peonies by my front door

...basking in natural light

...delighting in the sight and sound of candy apple red appliances that sound like they're about to take off

...marveling at my proximity to this and looking forward to enjoying it more.

What have you been up to?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photography Month @ CLE

Prompted by TV Ontario's Photography Month, a quest for a new monthly focus and an urge to incorporate more photos into my blogging, I decided to observe my own Photography Month here at Creative Living Experiment.

During the next three weeks you will see more photography-related posts, some favourite photography resources and hopefully more snapshots of my own.

My focus will not be on the technical aspects of photography, I do not have the knowledge nor the equipment to offer you that. What I
can offer you however are insights from an experiential perspective. How do I experience photos and the process of taking them?

Within the framework set out above I'm leaving the experiment pretty open. The goal is not to limit myself, but to think, practice and articulate. And maybe even learn a thing or two.

Won't you join me? How could you incorporate a focus on photography for the next three weeks? What photography-related practices would you like to play with, study or explore?

I'd love the company.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Photography Month

Note: If you don't live in Ontario and don't have TVO keep reading, you can create your own Photography Month!

Once again, to coincide with Toronto's
CONTACT Photography Festival, May is TV Ontario's Photography Month. In addition to hosting a photo contest, a gallery and a blog, TVO is showing documentaries that "celebrate the power, artistry and craft of photography" throughout the month.

Last year, thanks to TVO's Photography Month I was introduced to the great story of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson via two documentaries called Eloquent Nude and Peppers and Nudes: The Photographer Edward Weston. I also caught an inspiring documentary on Annie Liebovitz called Life Through a Lens. All three are repeated this year.

This time 'round I've already been introduced to the work of
Shelby Lee Adams (I found some of his photos disturbing, but liked others) and I plan to catch a repeat documentary on Ansel Adams and another called Houses of Hristina. See the full documentary schedule here.

"But wait, I don't live in Ontario and I don't get TVO!"

Do not despair. Is there anything you could do or highlight to create your own Photography Month? Could you find some of the featured documentaries at the library? Maybe you could find a book that teaches some of the technical aspects you've been wanting to tackle or maybe you could simply make a point of spending more time taking

TVO viewer or not, what could you do this month to ""celebrate the power, artistry and craft of photography"?