Monday, May 17, 2010


I am basking in love and friendship from this past weekend. Sentences escape me, all I can offer you is a stream of words that come to mind to describe it:
family, friends, new baby smell, Cassie, communal party preparations, getting our groove on, merriment, smitten, disco, Imagine, emotional, party, laughter, fun, food, dancing, good times, warmth, appreciation, quiet, morning coffee, family walk, baby poopers, peace, love, celebration, home, contentment
Seriously folks, still basking.

Too busy working the room and passing out Swedish meatballs on Saturday night I've unfortunately no pictures of the '70s party for you today; I'll see if I can get a few shots from others who thankfully brought their cameras!

The weekend was much more than the party though. I leave you with a few snapshots of other favourite house-warming weekend moments...

Ashlynn and Grandma Woods

Sunday morning family walk to the beach - D. and Cassie chillin'

green leaves on blue sky


Ashlynn with Uncle D. and Auntie Steph

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  1. You look good holding that baby girl! : )
    I am so happy that your weekend festival filled your home with love and happiness. It was a home-warming indeed!