Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photography Month @ CLE

Prompted by TV Ontario's Photography Month, a quest for a new monthly focus and an urge to incorporate more photos into my blogging, I decided to observe my own Photography Month here at Creative Living Experiment.

During the next three weeks you will see more photography-related posts, some favourite photography resources and hopefully more snapshots of my own.

My focus will not be on the technical aspects of photography, I do not have the knowledge nor the equipment to offer you that. What I
can offer you however are insights from an experiential perspective. How do I experience photos and the process of taking them?

Within the framework set out above I'm leaving the experiment pretty open. The goal is not to limit myself, but to think, practice and articulate. And maybe even learn a thing or two.

Won't you join me? How could you incorporate a focus on photography for the next three weeks? What photography-related practices would you like to play with, study or explore?

I'd love the company.

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