Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Photography Month

Note: If you don't live in Ontario and don't have TVO keep reading, you can create your own Photography Month!

Once again, to coincide with Toronto's
CONTACT Photography Festival, May is TV Ontario's Photography Month. In addition to hosting a photo contest, a gallery and a blog, TVO is showing documentaries that "celebrate the power, artistry and craft of photography" throughout the month.

Last year, thanks to TVO's Photography Month I was introduced to the great story of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson via two documentaries called Eloquent Nude and Peppers and Nudes: The Photographer Edward Weston. I also caught an inspiring documentary on Annie Liebovitz called Life Through a Lens. All three are repeated this year.

This time 'round I've already been introduced to the work of
Shelby Lee Adams (I found some of his photos disturbing, but liked others) and I plan to catch a repeat documentary on Ansel Adams and another called Houses of Hristina. See the full documentary schedule here.

"But wait, I don't live in Ontario and I don't get TVO!"

Do not despair. Is there anything you could do or highlight to create your own Photography Month? Could you find some of the featured documentaries at the library? Maybe you could find a book that teaches some of the technical aspects you've been wanting to tackle or maybe you could simply make a point of spending more time taking

TVO viewer or not, what could you do this month to ""celebrate the power, artistry and craft of photography"?

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