Monday, May 31, 2010

Photography Month @ CLE Comes to a Close

Would someone please tell me where the month of May went? Seriously?

My Photography Month experiment is now at an end. Although I missed out on some of the things I wanted to do, I still consider it a success. Why?

Because it prompted me to pick up my camera. Even better, it helped me redevelop a lost reflex to reach for the camera and play. Just play.

I illustrated my posts here with images.

I googled a bit and found sites with tips for using point and shoot cameras (see here and here) and photography quotes accompanied by great landscapes (here).

I searched the house far and wide for my user manual to see how I could play with my manual settings. Unfortunately that's as far as I got 'cause I couldn't find it. (I was sure I saw it after the move.) But I was ready to play - and learn!

I reflected on photos, how they impact us and why we take them. I reflected on photography and how it's changed in the digital age from film, and even more from the age of Ansel Adams who lugged a limited number of plates up mountains to take pictures. I thought about how disposable it's become and is that a pro, a con, or either depending on the context?

All in all it was a fun experiment; I hope you enjoyed it too. And who knows, it may even seep into June if I can find that user manual. In the meantime I leave you with a few snapshots of the intoxicating peonies that grace my home these days. Till the next experiment...

happiness in a bloom

grace in a jam jar

pink explosion

center in focus



  1. I LOVE center in focus. it's so gorgeous and secretive.

  2. Steph,

    I love your idea of a monthly focus, and based on the results it looks like photography month was a success! I think my favourite from this post is 'grace in a jam jar' (for the poetry of the title as much as the flower). I envy you those beautiful northern hemisphere blooms :)

  3. Thanks Amy! I had another one that was similar to Center in Focus but I felt it was a little too "Georgia O'Keeffe" to put up here. :)

    Hi Kelly! I'm so happy you popped in. The jam jar in the photo was actually my great-grandmother's and is very dear to my heart.