Friday, April 30, 2010

A Quick Update

We (and the movers) survived the move. It's been all-encompassing for the past several weeks and I look forward to bringing a bit more balance to my life.

The process of dismantling my previous home, purging, packing and hauling the material contents of my life to my new one, and creating a new living space from scratch has prompted many emotions and reflections that I may eventually write about here.

In the meantime though, things are becoming settled. The 70's basement is awesome, the kitchen has been functional for five full days now (Huzzah!), and the contents of my office and studio boxes sit on white Ikea shelves, waiting to be organized into a practical space that's conducive to creativity.

The only glitch: we still don't have Internet access. I've been bumming time on D's iPhone, including the time spent writing this post
(thank you D!). Since he's about to leave for work though I'm afraid I must cut my update here rather abruptly. I can't wait to be back full time.

See you soon...

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