Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Good Bad Week (or Sunday Gratefuls)

This past week at work was rough and left me drained on most days, sapped of energy to do anything other than crash in bed or in front of the TV. That made it a bad week.

But it was a good week too, 'cause even if work was draining so many good things transpired for which I am grateful:

  • sharing powerful moments of hope and tears with a friend over sunny weather drinks on a gray February day
  • finding a house to rent that meets most of the criteria D. and I listed on on our wish list, seeing it, sleeping on our decision to go ahead with it then signing the lease
  • after acknowledging that work isn't going so well, finding the courage to talk to my boss about switching projects, confronting my fears of failure and letting people down because I know it's the right thing to do
  • celebrating another friend's major milestone, witnessing how powerfully inspiring one can be by simply doing the right thing one day at a time
  • getting an unexpected $150 back-pay cheque (woohoo!)
  • curling up with D. and Cassie on a Sunday morning to watch Montgomery Clift in a Hitchcock movie that was filmed in one of my favourite places, Old Québec City, and being inspired by Hitchcock's cinematography to fish out my photos of Old Québec and play with post-processing
  • finding a pair of sexy tall black boots that fit my, ahem, thicker calves (#10 on the list) and a bonus pair of funky tall rain boots
  • opening myself to the possibility that I still have some healing to do from my separation six years ago and that it's OK
  • reading about the hiking trails of New Brunswick, identifying which ones we could explore during the summer vacation we're considering and getting pumped about hiking again
  • for the first time in months (years?), feeling a soupçon of the confidence and zest for life I felt when I was on sabbatical in my funky little apartment downtown
If those aren't enough to make this bad week good I don't know what possibly could.

Till the next time...

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