Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And Comfort Settled In

D's childhood tree fort
the woods behind Nan's house, May 2009

This morning I journalled about my discomfort with the many unknowns that come with major life changes, and my struggles in trusting the Universe and my own capabilities to see the changes through.

As I pondered my discomfort, I realized that there are also several knowns in my life today - at this moment - that I can count on no matter what:

~ the song of the cardinal outside my window
~ the breeze rustling through the trees
~ Cassie lying at my feet
~ Dave
~ family
~ friends
~ Love
~ sunshine and blue skies
~ laughter
~ music
~ sweet childhood memories

~ words
~ movement
~ inner peace
~ colour
~ my Higher Power

And comfort settled in.

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