Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Signing In...

... to say I'm back, but not quite sure how to put the past week & a half into words.

In the meantime here are a few favourite post-party pics taken the morning after, and a gorgeous teaser picture of D & I taken by the amazing photographer-friend-woman-Squamsister Kirsten.

discarded photo booth prop: sequined Minnie ears

cakeless cake toppers Oscar (Wilde) and Frida (Kahlo)

no-wash dishes rented for the occasion

guest note garland (in lieu of a guest book)

And the teaser pic:

And I almost forgot, I get to cross #17 off my list. ;-)


  1. so much goodness and joy and beauty.

    congratulations...(can't wait to say it in person in a few months...well...really...weeks!)

  2. beautiful you, this brought tears to my eyes*
    (that are now rolling down my cheeks ;-)
    i was going to say...and i was there!!! but i know it's because i was that this simple post seems so extraordinary.
    it was such an honour to be a part of all the love and joy within and around you on this magical day!
    such an honour indeed to be processing your photos now, you know the ones i kept trying to convince you you really wanted someone else to take ;-)

    i thank so much for believing in me!

    we travelled some distance to connect, dear girl...
    there aren't words to describe how grateful i am we did.

    love & blessings and sweet congratulations to you & d.
    you make an amazing couple!

  3. so so so happy for you, love.


  4. "may you be happy always." ~ anonymous

  5. Love these! The post-party pics are a wonderful reminder of an amazing day that we can all look back to and smile... BIG smiles. :-D Here's to loving - one day at a time. xox