Friday, June 26, 2009

A Break for Nuptials

Tomorrow's the big day and everything's coming up Milhouse!

Today's been one to-do after another, but they're going smoothly. Mom & Dad are up from New Brunswick; the two of them and Sis worked hard with us yesterday afternoon to transform our home into a party palace. The living room/dance floor's ready for some shakin', crates of empty wine & beer glasses await their sweet nectar, and the kitchen table awaits its three-cake centerpiece. Cassie's even been groomed with two little doggie bows, making her the sweetest cutie petutie I've ever seen.

Tonight is the Meet & Greet with the two families, generously hosted by Sis & Bro-in-Law at their place. Tomorrow is hair & girly stuff - bright & early 'cause it's an 11:30am ceremony. There should be about eight or nine of us chickies milling about at the pre-ceremony peak. I have champagne chilling in the fridge to spike the orange juice.

The only bummer to date is that because we don't trust this week's flip-floppy weather we decided to have our luncheon indoors, which means that it won't be accompanied by one of our favourite jazz musicians and his trio (there's no room in the dining room for them to set up). They will however be there for the ceremony and cocktails. YAY!

Et voilĂ ! One last update before tomorrow. I suspect there will be a slight hiatus here for a week or so, but come back & check! You never know, there may just be a few photos.

Now I must return to scrubbing the toilets (ugh); our overnight company arrives soon.



  1. Steph - I'm sending you calm and peace and lots of happy excitement for the days ahead. See you soon!

  2. Steph,

    I don't know if you will have time to see this, but I just saw you posted. I just finished reading all your blog yesterday and I thought I would wait till after your wedding, but I'll do it now. :)

    I got here from the squam boards where I saw your blog address and that you were from Ottawa! I live about 1.5 hour from you just north of Bon Echo park actually! I also went to Squam last year and my mom and I are going again this fall. Last year I took Judy wise, superhero and travel journaling. Can't wait to go again!

    Well, I'll let you go and I'm sure you have tons to do and best wishes to you! We are going to a wedding in Belleville tomorrow too.

    Just wanted to say hi and check out my blog here -

    Oh, and have fun!