Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I dream of...
  • Owning a piece of land in the country with a meadow and a stream
  • Tending a vegetable garden and maybe even a few laying hens, producing food to nourish myself and my loved ones
  • Watching our dog Cassie run freely under the sun with no worries, ears flopping up & down, until she drops of blissful exhaustion
  • Spending lazy afternoons in a hammock with a favourite book
  • Hosting parties, gatherings and family reunions with laughter, music and hugs, hugs, hugs
  • Sitting on the back porch with D, Cassie at our feet, gazing at the constellations and dreaming up the future
  • Planting a butterfly garden
  • Watching fairy-like fireflies dance in the night, reminding me that Mother Nature truly is magical
  • Cooking healthy meals from scratch with ingredients fresh out of the garden, savouring them with D on some nights, sharing them with friends on others
  • Learning how to sew, preserve food and live more self-sufficiently
  • Working the soil, making a happy home, being a good steward to our space
  • Simplifying my belongings to include only what soothes body, mind and soul
  • Gathering wild strawberries
  • Delighting in bird songs
  • Walking barefoot in the grass
That's not too much to ask on a Wednesday afternoon is it? :)

1 comment:

  1. sounds dreamy to me. ;-D

    your paintings are looking awesome!