Monday, June 22, 2009

A Wedding Update - Five Days Before

Five days to go before the big day. Can someone please tell me where the past five months went?!?

Here's a bit - ok a lot - of an update. Bear with me it's therapeutic...
  • Wedding bands - check. We found a jewelry designer who deals with a company that makes reproductions of retro/vintage rings. With a bit of tinkering she tailored the one I ordered into an almost perfect match to my 1955 engagement ring!
  • Handfasting ribbon - check. It helps to have a dress with a 5 1/2' sash that just happens to match the colour of the flowers.
  • Ceremony - check. Final text sent to the officiant Saturday.
  • Party munchies & booze - almost check. Most of the food is ordered or we at least we know where we're going to buy it the day before. More than half of the booze is sitting in the basement waiting to be uncorked or cracked open with the ol' Homer Simpson bottle opener.
  • Wedding attire - almost check. Poor D. After FINALLY getting his first fitting last week, he got there only to see that the tailor ordered the wrong fabric for his zoot suit. He even had the two tone shoes picked out. Sigh. Luckily when the tailor was dragging his @ss, D. was smart enough to book a tux as a backup. So tux it is. I finally found shoes, had my hair trial appointment last week and am happy to report that the dress still fits (hurray!).
  • Party decorations - almost check. Outdoor fairy light-stringing get-together is scheduled for tomorrow night, lighting's been purchased for the living room/dance floor and furniture overhaul & layout will be happening during the week.
  • Party playlist/dance tunes - almost check. From Michael Jackson to Metallica to The Who, it's gonna be fun! It's such a hoot to see what our guests are submitting with their RSVPs.
  • Engagement photos - check. They're gorgeous and I can't wait to see the prints we ordered. How lucky am I to have a friend be my photographer, it'll just make the day that much more special. :)
  • Day-of schedule - almost check. I vowed I would never be one of those brides who would have a schedule typed up for the day of, then I found myself typing "7:30am - hair, 9:30am - pick up flowers...". Oh my.
  • Cakes (3) - check. Chocolate Symphony, Lemon Pound Cake with Buttercream icing and a Chocolate French Mousse. Cake toppers Frida and Oscar (Wilde) ready and waiting.
  • Last-minute stuff like seating charts, guest book, etc. - almost check. This morning was a fun run at Michaels Craft Supplies for some last-minute goodies.
  • Ooooh and honeymoon - check. Part I at the Ch√Ęteau Laurier downtown Ottawa for Canada Day festivities, Part II camping in Bar Harbor for the 4th of July weekend in a brand new Airstream camper.
  • Sanity - almost check. Sometimes elusive, sometimes present. Sometimes somewhere in between.
The past few weeks have been crazy but it's the home stretch baby and this chick's looking forward to a good party come Saturday! Then she looks forward to all the good stuff that comes afterward.

Hugs to you all.


  1. Now that you have all the logistics sorted out; it's time to PARTY! Let the week of the festivities begin! : )

  2. it all sounds so beautiful.
    wish i could be there!