Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been a bit of an electronic hermit this past week. My body feels tired, my eye is giving me trouble and my mental energy is low - not exactly conducive to sitting in front of a screen and writing. I've so many thoughts swirling in my head, but seem to lack the mental energy or clarity to coherently put any of them together.

It doesn't surprise me really. I've been going at an intense pace since February in several facets of my life, culminating with a wedding in less than four weeks (eep!). It was bound to catch up with me.

So just for these few days, I'm letting it.

Craving an outside retreat but with no practical way to do so, I'm doing the next best thing: retreating in the comfort of my own home as best as I can within my current circumstances.

I'm allowing myself a much needed respite from outside commitments for sleep, rest and relaxation, interspersed with gentle play to keep me from spiralling down & out - 'cause let's face it, spiralling out just ain't no fun unless it's in an upward direction.

In essence, I'm allowing myself the space to breathe and it. feels. good.

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