Wednesday, May 27, 2009


breathe - because sometimes we need a reminder

I am feeling raw tonight. I feel emotionally tender, drained and impatient. I feel stuck in a space between the life I dream of living and tomorrow's reality. I yearn for a peaceful, quiet space to be. Just be. And breathe.


  1. this piece is absolutely gorgeous -- i am so drawn to all the beautiful blendings of color and texture -- love it!

    You are in an exciting place -- getting ready to leap!:) I can just feel it:)

    Your blog comment touched a tender place in my heart -- thank you so much my friend:)

    Hope you are well:)

  2. This is one of my most fave pieces of yours. So appropriate to your sharing. In response, I offer you this thought from camerashymomma in Austin, TX:


  3. I love this piece, and its' message, which doesn't offer itself right away. It takes a minute to realize that it's there, and then it feels powerful in its' brevity. BREATHE.

  4. breathe.
    and wear an eye patch.