Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pushing Through to the Unexpected

a work in progress

I created this work in progress a few weeks after Squam, in October 2008. It's been on my shelf unfinished ever since. I liked what I had, was nervous about losing it and didn't know what to do next.

Last night I decided to bring it to my abstract painting class to see if I could glean any insights from my teacher. She was confident I could go somewhere with it, but instead of giving me specific insights she gently reminded me that I can't let a piece become too precious, that although it's not always easy, if I feel a piece isn't finished I should push forward despite my fears of ruining what's already there. In other words, trust in the process.

I knew that. I'd done it before. I even made it my mantra last year.

Inspired by my teacher's gentle reminder and the seven other women in the room pushing through their own fears, I allowed myself to play with my post-Squam painting and transformed it into something I never could have planned or imagined:

a work completed?

I love how this class is pushing my boundaries.


  1. Ooh! The new piece gave me goosebumps - so much color and texture and voice in your new painting. Congratulations on pushing through your fears!!

  2. Very creative, absolutely beautiful, trust and your genius will bloom!
    Drop into my spa and hopefully you will feel refreshed and revitalised!

  3. ohhhhhh ... love

    i needed to read this message, thank you :-)

    i am loving your words and thoughts so thank you for that too!! xo