Friday, May 1, 2009

New Digs, New Focus

Welcome to my new space - #22 on my list!

This site has been percolating in my mind and soul since January 2007. I played with names (Renaissance Rambles, Simple Living Experiment, Authentic Living Experiment), but the Universe has a way of working its magic and the past six months have led me to embark on a Creative Living Experiment as in creating-the-life-I-want, a life true to me.

There will be tweaking and playing with the layout in weeks to come, adding my blogroll and other tidbits. Content will be similar to that of my Urban Living Experiment with maybe an added focus on my journey in creating meaningful work, writing and the visual arts.

Being the renaissance soul that I am (a poetic way of saying that I’m focus-challenged) I suspect you’ll also find pieces about simple and frugal living, nature, books, financial independence and productivity. Add to that the odd pondering, grateful, wedding update, photo recap, movie review, local event, hiking or outdoor expedition, Life’s Big Questions (LBQs) and whatever tickles my fancy, and you’ll have well-rounded entertainment at your fingertips!

My original blogging goals of observing life in and around me, writing regularly and documenting my experiment remain.

I’ve added a fourth goal to use Creative Living Experiment as a vehicle to learn more about my interests and share what I’ve learned with others – a partially selfish goal with the hopes that it will prod me to expand my mind and life experience. I encourage you to take what you like and leave the rest.

Creative Living Experiment is a continued journey, a switch in focus from healing past hurts to creating new love and life. It’s a sequel to my Urban Living Experiment and the few years that came before it. I look forward to seeing where it leads me.

Thank you for being here. I do hope you’ll join me and see where it may lead you.

Love & hugs,




  1. Hi
    I came here from the post you left on Maddie's blog. I love your doggie, what is the doggie's name?
    I look forward to your posts. Happy creating.

  2. I love that I have the pleasure to join you on your creative life journey. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others! Thank you for being an inspiration; for igniting that creative flame in my own life. I'm so excited!

  3. Loving the new blog. Oh, and you, of course.

  4. Well, HELLO!
    Love the new look... and the renewed focus... and you... Here's to the creative journey!!

  5. Congrats on your new creative home - looking forward to coming over to visit!
    Hugs xxx

  6. NICE! My kids are in love with Cassie. They saw her pick on the blog and keep asking when they can visit her!! Can't wait to see what you come up with here.


  7. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and welcome to my new space! I am so blessed!!

    And hello to you Lubna; my doggie's name is Cassie. :)