Friday, March 12, 2010

Creative Trigger #2: Shadows and Sunlight

This post is the second in a weekly series called Creative Triggers. Click here for the first one.

I have an inexplicable fascination with shadows - shadows on the wall, shadows on the furniture, shadows on the floor... I love how they paint a pattern out of nothing, how they sometimes dance and how they can transform themselves from one moment to another.

Capturing the elusive state of a shadow at a specific point in time with my trusty point & shoot can bring me great satisfaction. Sometimes I lose myself in a Saturday morning household walkabout with my camera, seeking visual interest by following the sun's rays as they grace surfaces with patterns of all kinds.

This creative trigger is twofold:

1) shadows and patterns themselves are fodder for abstract painting

2) photographing shadows exercises my imagination, like cloud gazing

can you see the face?

I see a woman's profile and neck - sort of
what do you see?

Plus sometimes shadows are just plain fun.

Do you play with shadows? If so I'd love to hear about how or why they inspire you in the comments - or even better, leave a link to your own favourite shadow photos.


  1. have you seen the video that misty mawn did on shadow play. unreal! i have a big love for shadows too. you captured some awesome ones here. in that second to last pic i can see a woman on the right hand side facing left, sitting in front of a fireplace/

  2. i love this steph. the dance of light and shadow is indeed beautiful. here is an old photo from another time but i love it because it looks like there is a big bug doing a shadow show behind the leaf:

  3. Jeanine that's such a fun picture! Thank you!:)

    And Jenica, thank you for playing the "what do you see" game. It's amazing how we all see different things in one image. D. saw a nun in a habit on the right-hand side.