Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post-Olympic Ponderings

As I work through my withdrawal symptoms and slowly get my life back to a semblance of a routine after 17 days glued to the TV, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on the Olympics now that they're over...

I love how the Olympic spirit permeated conversations: "What did you think of the opening ceremonies?", "Wasn't that snowcross aMAzing?" or "OMG did you see the Tim Horton's commercial where the guy goes to the airport to pick up his family? It made me cry!" (it's true, it did).

I also liked how it permeated fashion and decor: the red mitts, the scarves and the hockey jerseys; the flags, the Olympic mural at work, the signs on the second floor above the local flower shop reading GOLD CANADA GOLD.

Although the song had its place, I'll be happy if I don't hear
I Believe for a very. very. long time. The same goes for the first seven notes of the CTV trumpet theme. No more please.

The Georgian luger's crash and violent looting by protesters during the first few days broke my heart. The latter made me angry, the former made me weep.

The Vancouver 2010 medals were stunning. So fluid and organic, I loved how they were undulated and marveled at them each time they were presented. Read more about them
here on the Royal Canadian Mint's Web site.

Michael Buble, giant beavers and flying moose. It really doesn't get much better than that does it? Except for maybe Neil Young and Michael J. Fox.

I swear a LOT when I watch hockey.

It felt good to win so many gold medals. It was nice. I felt happy and proud. And I like how everyone else did too.

The games were fun to watch, they excited and engaged. I was sad to see them end, though my mind and body are thanking me this week as I catch up on sleep and return to life as I knew it pre-Olympics. It was a fun ride folks, kudos to all who made it so!


  1. These are wonderful reflections, Steph! Thank you for sharing your Olympic experience. I love how the Olympics touch each of us so profoundly, in very different ways! It was never more true for me than when Hana's Czech's cousin's friend contacted me to say "Yay Canada!" after we won!

  2. :-) makes me smile and smile, xo

  3. I love these reflections :)

    "I swear a LOT when I watch hockey." made me laugh!

    Andrew keeps asking to watch the Olympics and will randomly chant "U-S-A! U-S-A!" as he is playing.

    He also placed his hand over his heart while watching each ceremony, no matter what national antem was playing.

  4. "He also placed his hand over his heart while watching each ceremony, no matter what national anthem was playing."

    OMG Jamie that is so sweet! :)