Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cardboard Playdate #3

The light was so bad last night I had to wait till today to take a decent picture - and even then the light wasn't great. Here what I did yesterday:

This one was entirely palette knife play. I love the textures that resulted and am thinking a high gloss finish would highlight them well.

I'm enjoying my little cardboard painting experiment a lot. The fact that it's salvaged cardboard and the small size of the pieces make it very non-intimidating and easy for me to go to the table. Today was the first day I wasn't really happy with the results (pic to come tomorrow), but that's what it's all about... practice and play!


  1. playing with a palette knife is my favorite way to paint -- i too love the texture -- you are inspiring me to grab some cardboard and go!

  2. Amen! Practice and play...just getting to the table is success in of itself.
    Yay, Steph! What a great exercise in balance as well, since you headed back to work this week.

  3. Michelle, I highly recommend it! Play! :)

    Jamie, you are very observant (big hug!). This little experiment helped me tremendously during my first week back at the office. There is method to my madness.