Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Journey of Artistic Discovery

experimenting with tar gel

I am swimming in artistic inspiration, playing with colour, tools and style. I am thirsty for knowledge, reading, learning, discovering the work of artists who came before me - of artists who are there now. I am enamoured with creative possibility.

I tell myself that it's an unnecessary indulgence, struggling with feelings of selfishness and arrogance: "Who am I to think I can paint anything interesting or worthwhile?" I tell myself I should hold back. But luckily an even louder voice tells me to just forge ahead and see where it goes.

So will I forge and play without expectation. I will study and show up and see what comes, feeding my curiosity and enjoying the journey as it unfolds.


  1. Way to go, Jackson Pollack! You are brave. I hope I can be just like you when I grow up!! xo

  2. Love this exploration you're doing! From the restraint of Mémére & Pépére in front of the old house, to this colourful freedom dance...

    Forge on, hearty explorer!