Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Showing Up... (or Defeating Resistance)

For the past several days I'd been itching to paint, but for some reason was resisting in a very big way, finding every excuse in the book to avoid showing up at the table.

Finally, yesterday I decided to just go. I walked to the table, picked up a canvas and chose paint colours.

The results were all over the place (see for yourself below) and although I'm not entirely sure where they'll end up, I'm not sure it matters. What matters is that I showed up and THAT's what'll defeat resistance.

Here's to showing up - one day at a time. [clinking glasses]

unfinished and untitled
(sorry for the glare - bad lighting)

unfinished, inspired by Riopelle perhaps?



  1. just showing up ... yes .. it is so hard some days but i always feel better when i don't succumb to the resistance. thanks for the reminder love xo

  2. *clink*

    and here's to the beautiful art you created when you showed up for yourself.

    Loving this. And you.