Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Year Ago this Saturday in June

One year ago on this particular Saturday in June, I married D. Today I weep with joy and gratitude at the myriad of moments from that day that are still so crisp and fresh in my heart and mind...
  • drinking champagne and orange juice with my chick tribe before the morning ceremony, realizing that I'd be OK no matter what because I had this amazing support network of women in my life;
  • seeing D. for the first time as I walked down the aisle to a jazzy Moon River, breaking into a grin that lasted the entire day;
  • swaying my hips to the jazz trio's rendition of Miles Davis' All Blues during the signing of the register;
  • holding D.'s hand and feeling him squeeze it nervously while he spoke to our guests at the luncheon;
  • catching a glimpse of friends and family working diligently to prepare our home for the evening cake-cutting party while we were having our pictures taken outside, J. and L. setting up the bar, Mom vacuuming the dog fur from the couch and windowsill;
  • reading contributions to our garland of wedding wishes over and over - laughing, crying and feeling overwhelmed by Love;
  • watching guests have fun with the homemade photo booth;
  • Cassie chasing her tail in the middle of the living room dance floor to Footloose;
  • D. searching out this song in the MP3's, leading me into an impromptu wedding dance, friends & family singing along in serenade;
  • feeling content and loved on so many levels.
I could go on and on, but I will spare you and leave you with a few of my favourite photos instead. All of them were taken by my beautiful Squam-sister and friend Kirsten Michelle.

arriving to the ceremony, chauffeured by Sis in the Mini Cooper

the I Do's

our friends and family are gorgeous!

sunshine and smiles

Cassie love

impromptu wedding dance
(this is one of my favourites!)


  1. Has it been a year already? Time flies! My list doesn't differ all that much from yours.

    Hurray to a year and many more...

    Love you.


  2. i'm loving hearing about your beauty~full wedding
    it really sounds like everything one could hope for in such a day!