Monday, June 7, 2010

Adventures in Abstract Painting

I'm taking an abstract painting class and it's pushing me out of my comfort zone both in my painting and in my ability to call myself an artist.

The good news is I'm slowly feeling that comfort zone grow with each class and each new painting as I learn different techniques and glean knowledge from my more experienced classmates. It's been good.

I'm still discovering my style and preferences. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to settle on just one and I think that's ok. Or maybe a preference will eventually show itself as I continue to play.

I thought I'd show you what I've been learning...

bloom blue


this is a work-in-progress replica of a piece in
Rolina van Vilet's book The Art of Abstract Painting


unnamed, a work in progress from my last class
where we practiced image transfers



  1. how much fun is abstract what you are doing...just winging in from flying lessons...great to connect

    blessings, rebecca

  2. WOW! sudden intake of breath when i saw "flight". I want it. Seriously, dude! You have to sell it to me. Don't even tell me your husband has already called it. I will come up to Canada and get it myself. I want it for my wall of friend's art. It's gotta be there. Tell me I can, please????

  3. Stephanie....STEPH!!! These are amazing. I am madly in love with 'blue bloom' and 'flight' is...well, there aren't words.

  4. Your work is beautiful- definitely a sign that there is an artist at work! I love 'blue bloom' and wish I was relaxed enough to paint something abstract. I'm excited for you that you have found a way to push against your boundaries- great work!