Monday, June 28, 2010

A Work Complete

Midsummer Blooms - a work in progress

I show you many works in progress here, but I realized that I rarely show you the same piece once it's finished. That's probably because most of the time it never reaches that point.

Up until now if I didn't finish a piece in one paint session the chances of it ever being finished went from slim to none. Why? Because I was afraid of screwing up what I had.

Last week I took my unfinished Summer Solstice piece (above) to my art class and decided that with the intrinsic support of the group and my teacher I would walk out with a finished product. My frustration of having unfinished paintings sitting around the studio outgrew my fear and I decided to trust the process.

Turns out it really didn't take much tweaking for me to pronounce it complete, but the experience of pushing through and the satisfaction of getting it done were tremendous. Here's the end result:

Solstice in Bloom - a work complete
(see how I even changed the name in the process?)

How do you create? Do you usually finish a piece - whether it's a painting, a sculpture or a short story - in one session or is your work spread out across time? Do you find it difficult to pick up an unfinished piece for completion?


  1. its beautiful!

    with photography things happen very quickly for me, but with writing (which is something i'm delving into more) its definitely most work that is spread out over time...though once in a while it happens in one go!

  2. Your painting looks lovely. My creations usually happen in stages, but that is mostly because my time is limited. Sometimes I get to paint an image from start to finish.... but not very often. Keep on creating!

  3. as i song writer, i do the bones in a sitting. editing works best the sooner i get to it- otherwise, i've lost the feeling and don't even sometimes know what i was thinking and trying to communicate!

    i love your finished piece, and your not quite finished piece, too!

  4. loving these flowers Steph, just beautiful!!! great to meet another fellow flyer, we are becoming quite a communit arent we :)) xx