Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling Alive and Grateful

cowboy boots and vintage tile
(feeling creatively inspired and alive makes me do bold things
like wear my cowboy boots to the office)

June is turning out to be a very productive, insightful and creative month with an abundance of ideas, inspiration, action, rest and play. I feel alive and grateful.

I've been...
  • working diligently on my new Website, one hour at a time, hoping to launch at the end of this month or the beginning of July - stay tuned!
  • incubating an idea for a Winter solstice event
  • enjoying the oodles of inspiration, momentum and practical information coming from Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons, trying to digest it, formulate it into goals and slate it into future time slots
  • witnessing individuals expand their comfort zones and spread their creative wings, inspiring me and no doubt others to do the same
  • taking breaks from the computer, spending time with a good book or with my Honey to balance it all out and recoup from intense outputs of creative energy
  • exploring and experimenting with various forms of structure I could practice to help bring some of my creative ideas to fruition
  • savouring the first local strawberries and fresh vegetables from the farmers' market
  • planning a trip home to New Brunswick with a side trip to new hiking destinations
  • thinking up new experiments and blog posts, jotting down ideas
  • catching glimpses of something in the making, another significant milestone in my creative journey that I can't yet pinpoint or explain
  • taking in the goodness of summer-like days, ready to welcome the season officially with open arms
Despite the fullness of the past few weeks and what could be perceived at busy-ness I feel content and at peace. Life is good.

How 'bout you? What leaves you feeling alive and grateful these days?


  1. loving the cowboy boots and the playfulness of this photo!
    you're fabulous!

  2. Both were inspired by you. :)