Monday, August 17, 2009

Coming Clean

In April I paid a few thousand dollars for an online class that had me giddy. Each time I read the description my heart would soar and the adrenalin ran so high that I had trouble sitting still in my seat.

I believe the course has great potential towards a transition to being my own boss and creating the work life I want. The marketing copy is well-written and tugs at wants that have been sitting with me for years, but even when I look beyond the copy, I believe the end result has merit. I think I'd be good at it and I think there's a viable market for it.

So why, pray tell, is the box of binders and CDs still sitting on my office floor? Why, pray tell, is it already mid-August and I've yet to engage in the course and the online support community that comes with it?

I opened the binders once or twice and even completed a few key exercises I've been avoiding all these years, but that's the most I've done.

So today I come clean: I spent good money on a course that has potential to move me towards the work life - no, toward the life - I want and I haven't started it yet. There. I've said it.

Now I will cut myself some slack and simply start. Here. Today.


  1. I love your honesty, bravery, and decision to be kind to yourself. I'm going to use that as my model today. (and hopefully tomorrow, too) :)

  2. You will be ready when you are ready. Clearly there are some other things that are getting in the way of starting... and you took the first step by sitting quietly and acknowledging that you aren't there yet. Be gentle with yourself. xo