Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Nod of Gratitude

I've been quiet here and elsewhere lately - as if I felt a need to retreat, but today I feel a need to express my gratitude for the big and not so big things present in my life:
  • sunshine and warm temperatures
  • August harvest with fresh, organic, heirloom vegetables delivered to my door: French Filet green beans, a plethora of salad greens, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, shallots, herbs, zucchinis, snow peas, garlic, mushrooms
  • a sense of place and comfort with D. and Cassie
  • a sense of belonging with friends and family
  • Lala and her generosity for taking care of Cassie this weekend
  • a weekend getaway to Montreal: train ride, hotel room upgrade, AC/DC concert, stairs up Mount Royal, chillin' under a tree at the park, a stop at the Sailors' Church, Old Montreal
  • wildlife spotted on my 7:30am train ride to Montreal: 2 cormorants, 2 herons, 1 hawk, 1 buck, 1 doe with her spotted fawn and 1 wild turkey
  • Squam Art Workshops coming up in September (36 sleeps!)
  • one of my pieces being accepted in the Squam Art Show
  • a home to come back to at the end of a workday
  • our Saturday afternoon errand routine
  • my car
  • my paints and art table
  • our wedding photos taken by super-photographer-friend-woman Kirsten
  • the cicada's song
Just a few things I thought deserved a nod of gratitude and appreciation on a Tuesday afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. agh! ! Only 36 sleeps to Squam? I've gotta get busy and finish up all the packing of vintage supplies I am selling at a table there. eek.

    Did you get my comment on your post on your wedding day? You might have been a little busy. :)

    I introduced myself - I am going to squam too and went last year and found you through the message board. I live about a couple hours west of Ottawa.

    What classes are you taking this year? And what cabin are you in? Are there other people you know going? I am goin with my Mom again and meeting people I met last year.

    Check out my blog at fromthepines.blogspot.com.

    Have a good day!