Monday, August 3, 2009

A Perfect Summer Weekend

I had an amazing weekend.

Saturday was a leisurely sunny morning followed by a leisurely afternoon walk around the neighbourhood for our routine errand run. It's a routine I've come to enjoy: library, farmer's market, bakery, meat shop and grocery store. Throw in the odd stop at our favourite coffee shop or thrift store and it's marvellous comfort. The day was topped with some chillin' and dinner on the deck: fresh corn on the cob, chipotle beef kebabs and a rock salt baguette. Stay tuned for a photo post of the day.

Sunday was another leisurely morning followed by a drive to the 1000 Islands region for a visit with D's brother and his wife. They live in the country and I always love hanging out there: nature's exquisite mix of silence and song, cool breezes, lots of room for Cassie to run in the back yard, cows in a neighbouring field and stars in the night sky. Add the chill company of N & L and you've got the perfect day. Plus they have a perfect living room to hijack and spend the night.

Today was waking up to a crisp morning breeze enhanced by birdsong coming through the living room window, cows mooing in the field and more playing with Cassie in the yard. A visit with D's parents, a new hike that involved snacks on a flat rock with views of the tree line, meandering in a wooded trail along the water and tasting wild dewberries for the first time. A blue-sky puffy-clouds drive back home, a soft ice cream treat and more fresh corn on the cob for dinner.

What a perfect summer weekend. I am grateful, while aching for more.


  1. It all sounds lovely. When can I move in? :)



  2. you and i have the same definition of a perfect day:)