Friday, August 21, 2009

Grateful Friday

What She Seeks

Because sometimes I need a gentle reminder, here are some beautiful and wonderful things in my life today...

  • a loving husband and a relationship that allows us to grow individually and as a couple
  • a loving Golden Retriever that almost never fails to greet me at the door after a full day at the office - tail wagging wildly, eyes sparkling with anticipation, usually with a dirty old squeaky toy in her mouth
  • a supportive network of family and friends with whom I can connect via phone, email and Facebook if not in person over dinner or tea
  • a home with a master bedroom that we've kept clean and tidy for almost a week now, one day at a time
  • an August harvest of fresh organic local veggies delivered to my door
  • a painting accepted into the Squam Art Show, in New Hampshire, starting September 1st
  • a chance to display my artwork at my hair salon that just happens to be listed on the Hintonburg Arts Map
  • Squam Art Workshops coming up in less than a month
  • a week booked at a cottage with D.
  • an accomplished goal of three runs this week
  • discovering the tranquility of early morning thanks to my sunrise yoga class
  • a four-day work week at the office
  • my car
  • my computer
  • my personal and neighbourhood libraries
  • life's potential - big and small
What are you grateful for today? What kind of goodness is happening in your world?

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