Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Vision of Squam and #7 on The List

When I saw this picture I started crying. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy, relief, validation, pride, belonging, recognition and disbelief.

My painting is the 5th one on the top row and it's on this poster, for an art show, at a real gallery, surrounded by artwork created by teachers and peers who attended
Squam Art Workshops in 2008. And it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It's a major personal achievement.

For those in or near the Rochester NH area, here are the specifics for a show that promises to be lovely all around thanks to a few very dedicated women with a grand vision:
  • Who: art by Squam 2008 teachers and attendees; show put together by visionary Liz, and Susan and Mary-Jo from artstream studios
  • What: A Vision of Squam art show
  • When: Sept. 1-30, 2009, official opening is Sept. 11 from 5pm-7pm
  • Where: artstream gallery, 56 North Main Street, Rochester, New Hampshire
  • Why: to celebrate the spirit of Squam Art Workshops
Local shmocal, I'm crossing #7 off my list.

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