Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Clean Lines of Quiet Movement

(Bennett Lake, September 2009)

"There is another way to serenity. It begins with letting go, not hanging on. It grows in silence and stillness, not through achievement or striving, but through trust and surrender. It thrives in simplicity and expresses itself through the clean lines of quiet movement."
- Mark A. Burch, Stepping Lightly

I gleaned this quote from last year's Solstice Reflections experiment. I was re-reading my posts and it stuck, again the words "clean lines of quiet movement" striking a chord deep within my current soul space.

I think I shall make it my mantra for the month of December.


  1. i've come back to this a few times...
    it makes a beautiful mantra, my friend.
    indeed, i'll need to print this out and keep it close.
    thank you for sharing.xo

  2. Thank you ladies. :)

    I have it written on my whiteboard at home as a reminder and I repeat it to myself in my morning pages. It seems to work right now.