Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taking Stock

A few weeks ago I cleaned my office and found piles of notes and end products related to several projects undertaken in the past five years:
  • online writing classes and assignments
  • market research, business card designs and company stationery for a seasonal wreath business I operated winter 2004 and 2005 - I designed, crafted and sold Christmas wreaths
  • enterprise architecture work I did for a non-profit organization called Servas International
  • brainstorming notes, mind maps and lists of ideas related to creating multiple income streams or profit centres
  • a plan and proposal for creating a family history book for a prospective client, complete with pricing research and quotes
  • discovery work on my interests and skills based on What Color Is Your Parachute and Finding Your Perfect Work
  • a prototype for a small book of quotations published by my (at the time) soon-to-be small press publishing company, complete with company logo on the back
  • a notebook full of class notes and handouts from several courses or small business seminars ranging from tax accounting to Booth Design for Craft Shows, from bookbinding to Establishing Yourself as an Expert
I'd forgotten about most of these. Seeing them all together boosted my confidence and reminded me that I'm capable of working through challenges, trying new things and putting myself out there. It was good to take stock - and very timely.

I guess sometimes we need to remember how much we've done to believe in how much we're capable of doing.

What are you capable of that might have been forgotten? I dare you to go through your piles and find out.

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