Saturday, November 14, 2009


After fumbling with the key while clutching my bag of fair trade coffee beans, a waft of warm air greeted me as I swung open the door. Right then & there I realized that I am blessed.

It's time for a list of gratefuls folks, because really there is much to be grateful for these days...
  • the means to buy fair trade coffee, organic fruit and have organic local veggies delivered to my door
  • a warm, comfortable home
  • a hairdresser who is also a friend, who said yes to hanging my paintings in her salon without even having seen any of my work
  • the privilege of having shared an evening of love, laughter and celebration last week with my cousin, her husband, her girls and a whole lotta family!
  • my own family and roots
  • a freshly cleaned home office and living room
  • a network of supportive friends and kindred spirits
  • my bookshelves full of books
  • having the month of November off at home, with no real obligations except the ones I impose on myself
  • my health
  • possibilities
  • a loving husband who watches classic movies, cooks, and helps me strengthen my critical thought and expression muscles through spirited discussion
  • a loving Golden Retriever who never ceases to amaze me with her unconditional love and spontaneous joy, even when we skip her walk
  • an empty city lot outside my office window with mature trees, squirrel play, nuthatches and woodpeckers galore
Life is indeed good isn't it? Sometimes I forget. Silly me.

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