Monday, November 9, 2009


  • my basics, and if I'm taking care of them during my time off
  • roots, children and family
  • ritual and its place in life, in my home
  • the purchase of a new computer and printer
  • selling prints of selected paintings
  • how I dislike - with a passion - feeling over-scheduled or in a rush
  • living in the country
  • the need for a novel or a good story to tame my monkey mind before bed
  • the near arrival of the holidays
  • my, our, financial picture
  • plans for the next year, and how plans rarely turn out how we think they will when we lay them out
  • why I automatically associate veering plans with bad things, how maybe it could mean something even better than what we could imagine in the first place
  • nature and how I haven't spent much time with her in the past several weeks
  • the importance of having fun and celebrating life to balance out the darker parts
  • how things really do seem possible if minds and hearts become aligned
  • going to bed, I'm tired
  • how NaBloPoMo is pushing me just a little out of my comfort zone, and how I'm still not sure I have the energy to sustain it the entire month
  • my surprise at the length of this post considering I had no clue what I was going to write today


  1. i certainly hope that you'll offer prints of your work, mama likey!
    and don't stress with nablopomo, i just think you should post when it makes you happy. although sometimes pushing when we're feeling stressed can lead to great surprises.
    love YOU.

    ps. did you ever see that pic i clicked of you at the dock so completely blissed out in between classes? i think of it often and smile and remember how peaceful you were. it's a great reminder for me to just slooooooow down. xxoo

  2. i like your pondering and how it seems to lead you places . . .