Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Blogging, Fear and Authenticity

I don't know what to write tonight, but I'm toying with the idea of participating (unofficially of course) in NaBloPoMo so I'm sitting here typing with the hopes that something semi-intelligent will make its way through the keyboard to the screen for Day 1 just in case.

Truth is, I've lost confidence in my ability to write here. It's not for a lack of ideas, I have a notebook full of scribbles and sometimes my mind is moving so fast I can hardly keep up with it.

It's about fear. Fear of what others will think of me, fear that whatever I write has already been said, fear of being boring. Fear that communities I've found or connections I've made through specific parts of my life won't like reading about what's going on in other parts and reject me.

These fears can lead to writing that is safe and stays at the surface. That's not necessarily what I want. I like to explore and be true and sometimes that means taking risks. So although they may shift, just for today - or maybe this month - I will remind myself of the goals I laid out for my Creative Living Experiment back in May:
  1. to observe life in and around me,
  2. to write regularly,
  3. to document my experiment in creating a life I want - whatever fields of interest that may include, and
  4. to expand my mind and life experience by learning more about my interests and sharing what I’ve learned with others.
I see nothing about self-imposed peer pressure, safety or perfection. What I do see is opportunity to learn, reflect, practice and share an honest, authentic version of myself that includes all parts of me.

Surely that should be enough to get me through Day 2.


  1. you have so much to offer the world, dear girl!
    oh goodness...yes. you. do!!!
    i would love to spend the month here with you...
    in fact, i promise i'll show up if you do.xoxoxoxo

  2. Go for it...all the way.
    And one of my favorite sayings is
    "Do it afraid."
    I can't wait to see/read!